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3on3 Academy Overview 

Why 3 on 3?

GLBA's 3-on-3 Basketball Academy is designed to impact youth players’ long-term development by delivering a fun learning ever on court experience that creates additional opportunities for boys and girls ages 10-14 to engage in play, foster skill development, and cultivate friendships.



Each team will consists of 5 players. Coaches will split
the teams up according to skill level and position.

At Girls Leadership and Basketball Academy (GLBA), we believe that being a great player
doesn't mean you'll be a great coach. Being a great coach requires more than skills on the
field; it requires character, compassion, knowledge and a desire to make a
difference in their community.

Our coaches have a passion for the game of basketball. And that passion is translated
into our approach to coaching. No matter the skill level, our coaches find positive,
engaging ways to challenge and build each player's strengths, physically and mentally.


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