​Academy Overview

Girls Leadership and Basketball Academy is a advanced basketball skill development program geared towards girls looking to take their game to the next level.   Through leadership development classes, film study and organized 3 on 3/5 on 5 games, our academy is designed to improve confidence on and off the court by developing individual leadership and basketball skills.  Consultation with GLBA Staff, Athlete and Parent(s) is required prior to joining


Being a part of the GLBA Family requires a commitment and dedication to the game and in return you have our commitment to developing your game to maximize your potential.


Every GLBA participant will receive:


·         Weekly Leadership Development Training

.         Weekly At-Home Workouts

·         Monthly evaluations to measure improvements as well as strengths & weaknesses 

·         Offical  GLBA T-Shirt

​Character/Leadership Development

          Developing the Servant Athlete!


Our  leadership training  provides  our Athletes with the necessary tools to become effective leaders.  Our curriculum consist of the following:


  • Build Self Awareness/Self Knowledge

  • Identify and Practice Qualities of an Effective Leader

  • Build Values Awareness

  • Build Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork 

  • Practice Envisioning Creative Outcomes

  • Teach Framework for Critical Thinking








Basketball Skill Development
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Developing the COMPLETE ATHLETE!
Basketball Training
Our basketball skill development component consists of 45 minutes of small group training and 45 minutes of organized scrimmages. Small group workouts typically consist of 6-8 players which allow players to work on their skill development in an intense and controlled atmosphere. 

Skills Taught:

·         Shooting

·         Passing

·         Ball handling

·         Defense

·         Offensive concepts

·         Overall basketball IQ.


Sports Performance Training

The sports performance training component consists of strength, speed, agility and quickness training. 


Skills Taught:

·         ​Coordination 

·         Agility 

·         Speed

·         Balance 

·         Reaction skills 

·         Running form/speed 

·         Body Weight Strength Training 







3ON3  Academy


Developing Basketball I.Q.
Our 3 on 3 Academy offers an exciting opportunity to enhance individual and team skills.  The smaller team size increases offensive and defensive opportunities for each player as well encourages teamwork through team play (pick and rolls, give and go's, back door cuts etc.).  The intent of the 3 on  3 games is to provide game-like situations that prepare athletes for 5 on 5 play.
Film Study (Fall Only)
GLBA is committed to developing the Compete Athlete and in order to do so, we film all 3 on 3 basketball games. Coaches meet with their team once a week and use the game film to breakdown the way players can improve their reads on the court, shooting and ball handling skills.